Written by:

Ricky Tomlinson, Steve Nesbit



 Steve Nesbit



Rachel Richardson Jones

Set in modern day Liverpool, Tommo, Dick & Harry are three unlikely, unemployed, uninspired best mates. They stumble through life making use of every trick they can to get a couple of quid to top up their benefits. Not without ambition, they are all members of a working man’s club which serves as their religion, as it does to most of its members.

Harry is the most vulnerable of the trio, and is picked off by local ‘businessman’ Dougie Crippen and forced to betray his friends so that Crippen may get his hands on their sacred club.

Tommo gathers the gang together in their usual cafe, where they can only ever afford tea and tells them the excellent news - he has inherited a building firm from his distant uncle. The lads react with shock, after all none of them has ever done any real building. But Harry takes charge and sees the opportunity immediately. Surely his escape from living with his oppressive mother and earning some wedge, at least until his musical career takes off. Feverishly excited, the gang rushes to see the yard and all of their new equipment. Alas, the place is a derelict pig sty, resembling a council dump more than a paragon of local industry.

But, hidden in the beaten up old buildings is hope and opportunity in the form of an order book and £200 cash!

This is all they need to start their journey. Things are looking up after all!


Ricky Tomlinson, Gary Cargill, Johnny Vegas

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