Genre: Supernatural, Bodyswap, Comedy


Logline: A 15-year-old thief gets more than she bargained for when she swaps bodies with a 70—year-old woman who has ten days to live.

Feature Film


Director: Frances Lea



Writer: Peter Spencer



Producer: Rachel Richardson Jones



Executive Producer: Sarada Mcdermott


TAG is a 15-year old thief who terrorises the neighbourhood. She’s sentenced to 80 hours of community service in a care home. Now instead of terrorising the neighbourhood, she’s terrorizing the old folk, running wheelchair races and playing cruel practical jokes.


JO is a resident at the care home, who only has 10 days to live. She is a traveller, a dancer, and a master of Aikido. She has a box of treasures collected on her travels including a Tibetan stone that reputedly can ‘make a wish come true’ but that has never worked.

Tag steals valuables from the home, and while trying to rob Jo’s room she and Jo tussle over the magic stone and in a flash they change bodies.


Tag now finds herself in Jo’s body and quickly learns the harsh realities of her new situation: weak and in constant pain. In the outside world, Jo is loving life in Tag’s young body –who wouldn’t want to be
young again?


Will Jo agree to swap bodies with Tag again, or will they be stuck in the same bodies forever?

© Copyright 2017 Not a Number Productions