Comps: Stir of Echoes, Frequency, Seven, Zodiac, Dressed to Kill, Halloween.

Logline: When an unemployed reporter is hypnotised as part a past life regression event, he wakes not with memories of life as royalty or some other glamorous person, but instead finds himself haunted by the memories of serial killer.

Feature film


Written by: Dean Lines & Ray Bogdanovich


Director:  Simeon Halligan


Producers: Rachel Richardson Jones & Michael Laundon

Down in the dumps since being made redundant, investigative reporter, JASON FREY reluctantly agrees to attend a hypnotism event with his wife, CLAIRA. What starts as fun becomes a nightmare when under hypnosis, Jason and finds himself in a neon tinged 1980s, looking through the eyes of a killer as they stalk and murder their victim.

Days later, Jason can't shake the strange, lurid memories that are now indistinguishable from his own. He returns to the hypnotist and demands they be wiped clean. But as he is once again hypnotised, he finds himself back in the 80s and experiencing another horrific murder. Only this time he wakes with a realisation. He recognised the victim.

PAST LIFE is a terrifying thriller that takes place across two distinct timelines:

THE PAST – experienced in the first person. With the viewer, like Jason unable to look away as they experience the sights and sounds of the 80s through the eyes of a monster.

THE PRESENT – our detective story. With Jason acting as his own key witness as he pieces together the identity of the killer using nothing but what he saw and heard in the past.

We believe the contrast of these two timelines will make for a fresh and unique take on the serial killer genre full of terror and suspense.