A fast-paced, stripped-to-the-bone neo-noir. A story of deception and self-delusion which confronts head-on some of the most disturbing aspects of contemporary criminality. 

"An unnervingly concrete depiction of Hell as a City; vivid and cinematic".

Feature film


Genre: Noir thriller

Written by:

Steve Balshaw

Directed by:

Simeon Halligan

Produced by:

Rachel Richardson Jones

Alex Little is woken up in the middle of the night by a desperate phone call from Jennifer wanting his help. Only problem is, he doesn't recall anyone called Jennifer. 

Intrigued, Alex agrees to meet her at her hotel. He doesn’t recognise her but he finds her attractive and she flirtatiously suggests they go up to her room. Alex quickly finds himself seduced and drawn into Jennifer's plans to get back at her adulterous husband who she has just left. 

Accompanying her on her mission, he is pulled into an increasingly nightmarish underworld of child abuse, sex-trafficking, sadism, and snuff films; it soon becomes clear that her husband is a very unsavory character.

The action moves from a private safety deposit facility, to a strip-club with its own torture chambers, to a lock-up filled with illegally-trafficked asylum seekers. Jennifer now has all the evidence she needs to bring Rex’scriminal kingdom to its knees. Alex, whether he likes it or not, has become her willing accomplice.

Unfortunately, Rex’s gang are onto them and a violent shoot out leaves Alex and Jennifer tied up in a slaughterhouse cellar waiting for their inevitable demise. They must work together to take down Rex’s two brutish ‘Cleaners’ charged with disposing of their bodies. It’s a bloody brutal showdown that utilizes every torture device at their disposal.

Narrowly escaping with their lives, Alexis keen to extract Jennifer from this dark underworld but it starts to dawn on him that nothing Jennifer has told him can be relied upon, that her relationship with Rex, her supposed husband, is not as she has presented it.

Jennifer persuades Alex to head for Rex’s house, Jennifer still determined to take revenge for her past. Revelation after revelation reveals who Jennifer really is and how her past connects her to Alex. Alex is shocked to find out the truth and comes to realise that Jennifer is in fact dangerously unstable.

This leads to a final, fatal confrontation and a bloody shoot out, in which all of Alex's worst fears are realised and nobody gets to walk away undamaged.

JENNIFER CALLS takes an easily-seduced man and a manipulative woman and drops them into a slippery, shifting, nightmare world in which nothing is quite what it seems on the surface.

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