Feature film

Written by:  Adam S. Leslie

Director:  Fran Lea

Producer:  Rachel Richardson Jones

Veronica Harwood has been sent into space to retrieve an alien artifact. Whilst searching an abandoned vessel, Veronica finds a child’s bedroom – and something beyond human comprehension. Veronica’s crew mates hear her agonized screams rattle through their intercoms... 


Back on Earth, Veronica’s younger sister Sandy Harwood is holed up in a clinic following a suicide attempt. On her first night, she hears someone moaning in pain. She follows the sound and discovers a badly burnt Veronica tied to a stretcher. Before Sandy can talk to her, masked orderlies bundle Veronica away.


On the spaceship, crew mates Faye and Carl are hunting for Veronica. As they search, they realise that the very fabric of the craft itself is changing – the galleys and walkways are becoming Earth-like rooms and corridors, reflecting places from Veronica’s memory. And something else is on board, something monstrous, something dredged up from the darkest corners of Veronica’s subconscious. 


Sandy’s hospital has also started to twist and deform, taking on the shape of the abandoned spacecraft. Sandy forges ahead, determined to find and save her sister. But as reality collapses, it gradually becomes clear that the clinic, its staff and patients – and even Sandy herself – are all part of Veronica’s dying hallucinations and raging subconscious made flesh by the powerful alien artifact onboard the spacecraft.

A gripping, mind bending, Sci-fi thriller.

Comps: Event Horizon/Shutter Island 

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